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With a broad network of research and content specialists to call upon, we have been able to expand the scope of services and expertise we provide our clients. Whether focus group moderators, PhDs, anthropologists, foreign language speakers or content specialists, we can pull in resources as needed to fill a particular project need, while keeping overall costs low.

We are proud to include these talented research professionals among our collaborators:


Eileen Moran An accomplished and highly perceptive researcher, Eileen has designed and executed numerous qualitative and quantitative studies over her 15+ year career. She has worked with clients across a range of industries, including financial services and insurance, restaurants, and particularly, healthcare (including medical technology, pharma/biotech, medical distribution, and health insurance organizations). With a keen ear and excellent interviewing skills, Eileen adeptly focuses discussion on the issues that are most salient to the particular research objectives. Having conducted research in South America, Europe, and Asia and as a fluent German speaker, Eileen is our go-to person for global research studies.

Eileen has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a BA from Aurora University.

Palma Puzzuoli With over 20 years of market research experience (much of it on the client side), Palma has developed a deep understanding of research design and organizational implementation. She is a seasoned moderator, who is highly skilled conducting both B2B and B2C groups, including many among high-level professionals, doctors, financial advisors and HNW individuals. Palma’s expertise spans a wide range of qualitative research methodologies including focus groups, in-depth interviews, online boards/groups and ethnographic research. Prior to her consulting work, Palma has held leadership positions at leading multi-national financial institutions and insurance companies (Health and P&C).

Palma holds an MBA in Marketing from Seton Hall University and a BA in Behavioral Science from Drew University. She is fluent in French and has working knowledge of Italian.

Data Analytics

Karl Rexer, PhD An acclaimed leader in the field of data analytics, Karl has broad experience in consulting that includes analytic strategy and leadership, predictive modeling, statistics, data mining, direct marketing, CRM, and primary market research. Karl and his Rexer Analytics team have delivered analytic solutions to dozens of companies, including customer attrition measurement and prediction, customer segmentation, targeting and measurement analytics for direct marketing campaigns, customer satisfaction tracking, sales forecasting, product allocation optimization, market basket analysis, product cross-sell modeling and text mining.

Karl has held leadership positions at several consulting firms and two multi-national banks. He holds a BA from The Ohio State University and a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Connecticut.