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Our Approach
Listening. Learning. Leveraging


Helping companies hear the voice of key stakeholders

Listening takes the right skills and the right tools. It means asking the right questions, in the right way. And it requires the ability to detect the subtle themes and patterns hidden within and across stated answers.

Listening can be as simple as conducting a handful of qualitative interviews or as complex as a multi-stage quantitative study.

But it starts with well-defined objectives rooted in management decision- making and the ability to design a custom research plan that is targeted to your specific needs.


►  In-depth interviewing
►  Focus groups
►  Online bulletin boards
►  Ethnography/observational research

►  Online surveys
►  CATI/Telephone surveys
►  Mail surveys
►  Shopper/intercept studies

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Uncovering the story that answers the big questions

Recognizing that our clients need information and not data, we transform what we “hear” into meaningful insights that bring customers and prospects to life and add value to your organization.

Doing so takes experience, insight and vision – the ability to “tell a story” that will answer the strategic and tactical questions you face.

Questions we help organizations answer include:

Relationship Experience

► What drives satisfaction and/or loyalty?
► What improvement areas should you focus on for optimal impact?

In-Context Brand Positioning

► How is your brand perceived relative to competitors?
► What are the best positioning opportunities?

Product and Service Development

► What specific features and options should be included in a new service offering?
► How should the benefits be communicated?

Customer Lifecycle Measurement

► How loyal are your customers? Who is most loyal? Who is at risk of attrition?
► What do consumers look for when shopping in your category?

Communication Planning and Evaluation

► Which ad/message resonates most with your key targets?
► How well does your ad campaign align with your brand?

Market Profiling and Assessment

► What do your customers look like; how do they think; what do they need?
► Are there segments of consumers with different profiles or needs?

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Applying learning to the bottom line

The ultimate value of research is not just learning something new; it’s applying learning to real life, real-time management decisions.

As an integral part of every project, we link the research findings to management decision-making by prescribing specific actions based on the learning. We draw on listening and learning to help management understand the information through a customized response that is aligned with management style, in the organization’s own language.

To help ensure the research is fully leveraged within your organization, we will undertake the following:

► Discuss findings to ensure understanding of the written material
► Make recommendations for action – specific suggestions for ways management can or should respond to research results
► Conduct ideation sessions or implementation workshops to engage key managers and decision-makers in understanding and using the data
► Provide ongoing follow-up to respond to questions or needs as they arise

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