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There are lots of research firms out there.
What makes Research Collaborative unique?

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Partnering with clients is so important to us, it is in our name. As trusted partners, we can become a seamless extension of your team. A boutique consultancy, our principals are hands-on and will play an active role throughout each engagement.

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Left Brain + Right Brain Thinking

At Research Collaborative, we are both creative and analytic, intuitive and rational; we can see the forest and the trees – which means you will benefit from both detailed learnings and big picture takeaways.

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Deep, Contextualized Analysis

Armed with innate curiosity and a dogged determination, we delve deeply into each engagement. Our years of experience in the industries we serve ensures that our conclusions are in context, reflecting an understanding of the unique dynamics and nuances of your market.

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Few consultancies can offer both Market Research and Competitive Intelligence at the caliber and depth that we can. Whether your situation calls for a single or multi-disciplinary solution, you can feel comfortable knowing that the capabilities are here when you need them.

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Thoughtful Storytelling

Recognizing that our clients need more than just data, we transform our findings into meaningful insights, delivering clear and concise summaries, compelling graphics, and pithy implications that are easily consumed by your stakeholders.

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Our work is heavily, but not exclusively, focused on service industries, both B2B and B2C.

We understand the nuanced complexity of delivering services where clients want them, how clients want them, and at a value they perceive as excellent. 

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Financial services

Banking, payments, asset management, brokerage, insurance

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Payors, providers, technology/infrastructure firms

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B2B services

Staffing/talent, marketing, technology, payroll, accounting, travel, and others

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Not-for profits

Charitable organizations, trade associations

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