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Competitive Intelligence

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We empower businesses to navigate their complex
competitive environments with precision and confidence.

From market entry strategies to product positioning to long-term strategy formulation, we help you make informed decisions that drive success.

Our meticulous approach yields a 360° view of the external competitive marketplace. Artfully weaving deep primary-source interviews with foundational secondary research, we produce a complete and accurate picture of the competition—fully contextualized with the dynamics of your industry, your own capabilities and strategies, and historical evidence. The combination is powerful.

Clients count on us to address a range of challenges:

  • How can we become best in class, learning from rivals and other best-practices firms?
  • What are we doing wrong, and how do we fix it—to win more business, gain market share, generate higher profits, attract and retain talent?
  • What will it take to build the best products and value proposition in our market?
  • How can we leverage new technologies to our greatest advantage while mitigating related threats?

…and so much more.

Please contact us to discuss how we can give you the leverage to solve your unique puzzles and challenges.


  • Competitor deep dives
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Market entry/landscape studies
  • Win-loss analysis
  • Mystery shopping
  • Trade show intelligence
  • M&A support
  • Sales intelligence/bid support
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Market Research + CI

Determine where you stand and be sure you stand out.


Just about every large corporation in America regularly conducts
robust market research and in-depth competitive intelligence. But very
few do so in a connected or coordinated way—typical corporate
structures have silos that block such connectivity or coordination. This
means the great work from Market Research and the great work from
Competitive Intelligence exist in isolation. Sometimes that’s OK, but
sometimes a more panoramic approach is needed.

Research Collaborative helps address this need.

A combined market research and competitive intelligence approach has several key benefits:

  • Insight into what clients want and need and who best delivers on those demands—you or your competitors?
  • Ability to separate perception from reality—what clients think and believe (which is critically important) relative to what competitors actually deliver and are capable of
  • Relative position—you may think you’re meeting client needs fully, but what if competitors offer even more? What if they promise more? What if they deliver more, maybe even at a lower cost?

Armed with the answers to these multifaceted questions, you can both address client needs and be sure you’re staying ahead of competitors and keeping them at bay.