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Lenore Scanlon

Lenore Scanlon has spent most of her career helping clients understand, respond to, and out-maneuver the competition.  Focused primarily on financial and other service industries—both B2B and B2C—Lenore and her team’s insights help clients launch new and overhaul existing products, create differentiated value propositions, enter new markets, devise long-term strategy, anticipate industry shifts, improve internal processes, identify M&A/alliance partners, win more business, and more.  

Lenore is fiercely loyal to her clients and they to her, working together as true partners. She delivers not just a neatly packaged set of findings, but cogent and insightful observations, thoughtful analysis, and recommendations that impact both short-term tactical moves and long-term strategic plans.  

To understand Lenore is to understand her love of puzzles. This passion has been evident throughout Lenore’s career, from building a competitive intelligence database as a banking management trainee, to scouring and analyzing client financial statements as a commercial credit analyst, to helping firms in developing countries find markets and distribution in the US, to what she’s been doing for the past 30+ years: helping clients out-think and outperform the competition. 

When she’s not working, Lenore enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as skiing, golf, rollerblading, music, cooking, travel--and, of course, her daily New York Times puzzles.  

Lenore graduated cum laude from Georgetown University in 1986, with a B.S. in French and a minor in Russian.  She is past president of the Boston chapter of the Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals and has spoken at numerous conferences.